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Global Education Week

The objective of the Global Education Week (GEW) is to introduce topics on Global Learning to educational establishments and other institutions. These include issues like environment, fair trade, peace, human rights and gender from a global perspective and global measures as well as activities supporting equitable and solidary north-south relations.

The Global Education Week 2013 takes place from November 16th – 24th. This year's topic is


In the following weeks the GEW 2013 homepage including all events will be updated and expanded constantly.

Please contact us if you would like to present your own events in the context of the GEW 2013 in Germany. (Please contact the North-South Centre or your national coordinator on questions related to GEW beyond Germany.)

We offer:

  • Information on projects and activities
  • Networking for everyone interested in Global Learning projects and for those who would like to arrange their own events
  • Information about Global Learning
  • Placement of qualified students from Africa, Asia and Latin America as learning partners in schools

We invite ...

NGOs, schools, universities, state institutions, local and regional initiatives, etc. to organise events (workshops, exhibitions, films, project days,...) and to particularly involve children and teenagers. You can either arrange your own projects or use the activities from other organisers in the framework of the GEW.

We will advertise all events and make the GEW homepage available as a platform.

The host of the GEW on the European level is the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in Lisbon: The centre’s objective is to strengthen and enhance Global Learning by involving the partners from the south as well as through exchange of information, networking and coordination on the European level. Contact information of various national coordinators of the Global Education Week is available on the homepage of the North-South Centre.

We would be happy if you participated in the Global Education Week!

Please contact:

World University Service (WUS)
Katharina Frank
Goebenstr. 35
65195 Wiesbaden

Tel.: +49-611-9446170

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